Thursday, June 21, 2012


Congrats - you've found my professional website.

Let me introduce myself: I'm a government reporter at and The Muskegon Chronicle, a daily newspaper with a solid print circulation and a fast-growing web audience. As I'm writing this - January 2013 - I've got more than seven years' experience working in the news media industry.

So, to recap, I'm a guy with newspaper roots who - right now - is writing about government and a few other things.  But I've seen a lot of changes in the news chase over the last six years. I've covered a few different beats and worked in a variety of mediums. 

The news industry is evolving. I am evolving with it. And through the years up to the present day, I've survived as a professional journalist.

This website isn't perfectly current. However, I hope that by viewing a sampling of my work in various mediums - print, video, social media, photography, design - you'll be able to get an idea of the range and variety of my work.

If you want to network, chat or do coffee sometime, give me a call, message me on Twitter, or send up a smoke signal. 

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  1. John K. here. Just thought I'd drop in and see your website. Looks good. Don't see why you dropped the old one, but this looks very professional.