Local leaders patient as LG Chem furloughs attract attention

HOLLAND — Area leaders are mostly staying clear of what threatens to become a political firestorm over the slow launch of production at the LG Chem battery plant, and some are urging patience.  ... LINK TO STORY

Michigan’s gloomy harvest has one bright spot ... and it’s bright red

OLIVE TOWNSHIP — Red and pink cranberries bobbed to the surface of a flooded bog, leaving a straggling trail behind a crew of harvest workers.

Farmer Wayne Kiel watched the crew work.

“It’s looking like we’re going to have a good crop,” said Kiel of Blueberry Heritage Farms. “Why this year, I have no idea, because the blueberry crop was off.”

For Kiel, like many other farmers who cultivate cranberries, the crunchy, sour red berries represent a relatively small percentage of his crop each year — most of his land is dedicated to blueberries. As a part of Michigan’s total agricultural output, too, cranberries make up a small fraction.

But this fall even a small success is one worth grasping at. ... LINK TO STORY

Updated: Area economy linked to success of Ford Airport, says DeVos

HOLLAND — An airport with competitive rates and service helps area businesses stay competitive, business leader Dick DeVos told a Holland audience Tuesday morning.

DeVos, chairman of the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, spoke at a Tuesday breakfast meeting sponsored by the Holland Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re trying to increase the size of the economy and yet we’re running it through a decreasing knothole,” DeVos said. ... LINK TO STORY

Holland's interest in electric vehicles growing

HOLLAND — The advanced energy storage industry has invested heavily in Holland. But will Holland residents invest in advanced energy storage, especially electric vehicles?

 Many signs say they will. ... LINK TO STORY